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Saint Thomas the Apostle School
From our Students
"Saint Thomas has impacted my life by changing my perspective of God and the world. It has also impacted how hard I work. I feel more prepared for high school because I have been taught so many things that not all other children are taught. For example, I have been taught good manners, about God, and even cursive.

My favorite thing about Saint Thomas are the teachers and people. They are so nice and there are no bullies. Not even very many rude people."

Veronica - Grade 6 



" St Thomas has had a huge impact on my life. St Thomas formed me into who I am today, and most importantly, St Thomas has helped me to become closer to God. My most memorable moments have been serving in student council and altar serving. I feel that St Thomas has taught me how to study, and be independent in my work. My teachers have always supported me to become better. I love that St Thomas is a small school.  There is no bullying, and we are a family. We look out for our younger students, and help our older students too.  I love attending St Thomas, and I am going to miss my conversations with my teachers and friends."
Lili Kelemen-Grade 8 


“St Thomas has helped me to become closer to God. Our daily prayers and church activities have also helped me to be a better person. My favorite moments were being a part of the Religion team, and participating in the Religion competition. I love to altar serve.  It is my way to serve God, and my parish community.  St Thomas is a great school where everyone is treated with respect. Students and teachers are there for each other, and support each other."

Bence Kelemen-Grade 5
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