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Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Grace School.

Complete the New Student Pre-Application  to be considered for enrollment We accept pre-applications throughout the year, but spaces are limited and waiting lists aren’t uncommon. To complete the process submit  a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, TK/K Evaluation, sacrament certificates (if applicable), and recent report cards and test scores (if applicable)
We suggest also: 
Visiting our School Schedule a tour with the school by calling (916) 371-9416

Attend Open House (call for details)  

Priority for admission to Our Lady of Grace School is based upon the application and the following:

  • Continuing students in good standing at Our Lady of Grace School who meet registration deadlines (students who do not meet registration deadlines may lose their priority standing).
  • Siblings of families currently attending Our Lady of Grace School
  • Registered, active parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Parish
  • Students who are active parishioners of another Parish
  • Children of Our Lady of Grace Alumni

To qualify Transitional Kindergarteners must be 4, Kindergarteners must be 5 and First Graders must be 6 on or before September 1st of the current school year. Students who leave the school will not be given priority if they decide to return later. Final acceptance is at the discretion of and determined by the school administration.

Register Online Once applications have been reviewed the r egistration link will be sent to qualifying families who are in good standing including: financial, volunteer hours, student conduct, assessment, and grades. Placement cannot be guaranteed to families new to OLG until registration is complete. Registration is complete when forms have been submitted and all fees and registration is paid in full.

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