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Purchase Tickets online here or submit the reservation form to the school office with payment.. 
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Adult tickets ($14 per adult 14-64 years of age)
Child/Senior Tickets ($10 per ticket 13 & under, over 65):
Alumni (advance purchase only): ($10 per ticket):
Bottle of Red Wine ($20 per bottle)
Please note, Wine not available for take out
Bottle of White Wine ($20 per bottle)
Please note, Wine not available for take out
Raffle Tickets ($20 per 25 tickets)
Dining Time *
Dine In or Take Out *
Wine not available for take out
Vegetarian and Gluten free options available, ask your server

Questions? Contact Janay Parkinson ~ ~ (916) 717-2750 or Amy Ryan~ ~ (916) 956-4788

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