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Updated on Oct 17, 2019 01:05 PM by Landers, Tamara
Help us reach our goal! 
While money is an obstacle for our small school we would like to be able to provide a safe and healthy place for our children to stay active and improve their social skills. Currently we have an outdated swing set and one metal slide that we are having to take out due to our insurance company needing it removed do to safety issues.  

Our school puts so much effort into not turning students away that our funding is so tight, but we would like to give them a true playground. 

We are currently applying for a grant were we have to pay 50% of the playground cost. Currently the playground is estimated at $90,000.00 and we have just until October 25th 2019 to raise the funds. Please help us get to our goal, as this would be something our students would really appreciate and use for years to come.