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Mrs. Bridget Thompson

Updated on Nov 21, 2019 01:05 PM by Smith, Pamela
Mrs. Bridget Thompson

Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher | Junior High Math and Science

Bridget Thompson graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga with a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature.  She also earned a master’s degree in English/Literature and completed the teacher credentialing program at San Francisco State University.   After graduating from SFSU, she worked for two years as a sixth-grade homeroom teacher and taught English, reading, and literature to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Sts. Peter and Paul Elementary in San Francisco.  

For the next 27 years, Mrs. Thompson decided to be a stay-at-home mom to her eight children.  When her youngest entered the first grade, she decided to return to work as an aide. In 2013, Mrs. Thompson was offered a co-teacher position in Third grade.  After several years, grade levels, and subjects, this year she will find her new home in the Sixth grade where she will be teaching Math and Science to eager PBVM Junior High students! Let the labs begin!